Entry 10€

Friday 5 July (doors open 17:00)
Saturday 6 July
Sunday 7 July (doors close at 21:30)

Messtival? Messfest? Whatever! However!! Its an event to celebrate and promote the sub arts as well as an action towards helping our association to establish a long term perspective for creating an open socio- cultural space.


  • 18:00

    Charivari Circus

    Avangardistische Variété! Die Familie Charivari präsentiert ihre größten Kuriositäten! Mehr oder weniger Zirkus, Artistik, Kunst, Performance, Musik und Kuriositäten.
  • 23:00

    CiTiZEN KiNO

    infotainment show with film clips, discussion & special guests
    XLterrestrials present CiTiZEN KiNO #80: Eyes Wired Shut ( the summer sequel - a bumpy ride thru our latest HOT + SLIPPERY + possibly UNDIGESTABLE topics )
  • 00:30

    Dj Podinski

    (USA/Berlin) insurrection beats)


  • 13:00

    Reflection/Projection Workshop

    After a brief introduction into the physics of color, we will get into photography and create a double layer work between projection and reality.
    Bring your own camera phone or digital camera.
    Nach einer kurzen Einführung in die physikalische Farbenlehre geht es an die Fotografie und wir kreiieren eine Doppelbelichtung zwischen Projektion und Wirklichkeit.
    Bringt eure eugne Kamera / Smartphonkamera.
  • 20:00

    Zirkus Mond

    Controlling the horizontal and the vertical from dusk to dawn...


  • 14:00

    Geodesic Dome Workshop

    Learn to build our own Geodesic Dome - Buckminster Fuller style!
  • 18:00

    Circus Zakapüs

    Flöh Zirkus @ chill area on the right, before the circus tent
  • 22:00

    Kino Panpiraten (Berlin)

    locally made short films including the smash hit “Prenzlauerberg Cowboys” (ca.2004)


  • 17:00

    Strictly Organ Tunes & live

    D.I.Y. Organ playing with you and your regular Organ Crew.
  • 20:00


  • 20:30

    Puppe n Mucke (JAP/ARG/Berlin)

  • 21:00

    Dj Sheila Chipperfield & Vj Katia Beltran


  • 13:00

    Selector Suzette Bonbon (FRA/Bln)

    global beats and trash youtube
  • 15:00

    Bad Girlz (UK/FRA/Berlin)

  • 16:00

    Mastadon featuring Bob Rutman (ITA/NL/USABerl

  • 18:00

    Skipper un der Wankende Wolf

  • 19:00

    The Garlic We Crush

  • 20:00

    Unter Druck Theater meets Czentrifuga

    vimeo youtube
  • 21:00

    Organ Selectors & Special Guests Suzette Bonb

    global beats and trash
  • 23:59

    We Are Beat DJ Team (Brazil/BRD)


  • 15:00

    Dave Flowerkraut

    Our Vagabond Pilgrim of Folklore demonstrates the Nickelharp instrument which dates as early as 1350 in Gotland) wikipedia
  • 16:00

    Tirkilatops (S.Korea/UK)

    groovy band, a lot of fun - and hard core bandcamp youtube
  • 17:00


    duo who work within the limits of pop noise poetry and performance facebook
  • 21:00

    Senor Depressivo & Frau Groschen

    Depressionen für Millionen! web
  • 22:00

    Dj Dodgy Denis (MS Stubnitz/Waffen Galerie/CC

    electrick eclectic

Friday from Midnight

  • 00:00

    Dj Stanislas (Tricky Tunes/Berlin)

    Funky Jungle
  • 02:00

    Racket Alert

    Live Drum and Bacid
  • 03:30


    Drum and Bass Vinyl Mix
  • 05:00


    Breakbeat Mix
  • 06:30



Saturday Afternoon Installation, Ambiant & No

  • 14:00

    Jeff Funt (USA/Berlin)

    Oscillating Flame Pipe installation inside the Racket Stack tagesüber youtube
  • 18:00

    Zweikant (Berlin)

    Instrumental. Gitarre & Drums. Doppelcore, Robocore
  • 19:30

    Dr Kontra (Mexico/Berlin)

    Audio/Visual vimeo

Saturday Night Live !

  • 21:00

    Egon Frinz

  • 22:00

    Ben Assassin (Brazil)

  • 23:00

    Psycho and Plastic (Bln)

    live instruments and electronics bandcamp
  • 00:00

    Raving Mad Carlos

    original roots rock n rumble raver from third world Argentina
  • 01:00

    Bad Girlz (UK/FRA/Berlin)

  • 02:30


  • 04:00


  • 05:30

    Ixindamix - live

  • 07:00

    Vela (Dangerous Drums/Haus Schwarzenberg/Berl



  • 15:00

    Homemade Hygiene Products Workshop

    Learn to make Bio hygiene products, such as Deo and distilled oils.

Sunday Evening

  • 22:00

    Coost Lardy Cake (Coming from the Future)

    Schmalz Tunes

all festival

  • Exhibition

    SHOXXX (JAP/Berlin)

    Illustration, graphic design, textile sculptures, screen printing, performance, etc. web
  • Exhibition

    Malak Paola

    Fotos made during the last 10 years in Berlin about the changing of the city and places that have disappeared
  • Installation

    Luka Minotti (CH)

    "Philosophical Mechanics" centrally positioned in front of the “phoenix food bar” youtube
  • Installation

    Jim Whiting (UK/Leipzig)

    Mechanical /Pneumaticig youtube
  • Installation

    Frank Barnes (UK/Berlin)

    Robots and Mechanical Installations youtube
  • Installation

    Bastiaan Maris (NL/Berlin)

    relays and chemo acoustic installations (Attention!@ the Organ area)


  • 19:19

    Wild Waste Gallery presents: Robot Live Show


  • 16:16

    Wild Waste Gallery presents: Robot Live Show

  • 17:17

    Wild Waste Gallery presents: Robot Live Show

  • 19:19

    Wild Waste Gallery presents: Robot Live Show

  • Wael Fares - Syrian Kitchen

  • Refugee Community Kitchen

    JEKAMI! = jeder kann mitmachen / everyone can help and join in
  • Kreuzdorf Veggie Burger (X-Berg)

    Attention: @ Racket Stack!
  • Cous cous Charlotte + Smoothies

  • Real Junk Food Project (UK/Berlin)

  • Sir Libby Barnes (AUS/Berlin)

    Delicious Cakes
  • Connors Organic SuiCider (IRE/Berlin)

    "Cider Worth Dying For“ Attention: @ Racket Stack!

  • Datacide

    Magazine for Noise & Politics
  • Vagabundenkongress 2020

    Project of Unter Druck-Kultur von der Strasse e.V.
  • Disko Babel e.V.

    Hive Mind Think Tank All Inputs Most Welcome web
  • Extinction Rebellion

  • Check Your Horoscope for more Details :-)